Thursday, 28 October 2021


Camel 3D Weathervane

Good Directions recently had the pleasure to manufacture a bespoke copper 3D weathervane as a

retirement gift to one of our customers living overseas.


One half cut out, next to paper for size.

This copper weathervane was replicated from a pre-existing design of a weathervane and turned

into a new and exciting product. We cut two camels out of copper sheet on our waterjet cutter,

which were shaped and dressed with care and precision using a hammer and sandbags to

individually form each half. These halves were then formed and structured around the support

tubes on the inside of the camel to allow the weathervane to stand and rotate freely. Afterwards,

they were soldered together to complete the 3D camel. The finishing touch of this weathervane

came in the form of treating the copper to create a burnished patina, to give a beautiful weathered

bronze effect allowing it to proudly stand out against the sky on the customers roof.


Engineers, shaping and moulding the camel.

At Good Directions we take pride in all our work and no ask is too big or too small, we will always do

everything we can to make dreams become a reality. Our talented and friendly staff are always

happy to help. For a further product range and a full list of services, please visit our website to see

how we can help you today.

Finished Camel Weathervane.

Established in 1988, Good Directions Ltd is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of architectural features including external clocks, roof turrets, clock towers, weathervanes, copper guttering and street furniture.

Thursday, 16 September 2021


Malaysia Guttering Project

Copper Downpipe, Guttering and Bends

This was a recent project that we undertook in which we produced copper guttering to be installed on a customer’s house in Malaysia. The guttering in question was our standard half round and featured a mixture of guttering, downpipes, bends, and hopper heads.

Copper Guttering and Hopper Head


The hoppers which were produced for this build were our Margaret hoppers, attached to our 80mm diameter downpipes and our standard half round guttering. A massive installation in an exotic part of the world, which the customer provided the drawings for us to work to, not only for his summer home but also his pet tiger’s house.


The customer specifically chose us to produce and provide the guttering for him after contacting
various other guttering companies around the world and shopping around for the best possible
option. We subsequently invited the customer to come and tour our factory and witness first-hand
his order being manufactured, which our customer was over-joyed at. Being able to visit the factory and getting our expert opinions on our guttering and the installation process put the customer at ease and assured him that he was getting high quality, UK manufactured guttering to proudly display on his house and that would last for many years to come.

Engineers Loading The Lorry To Be Shipped To Malaysia

Established in 1988, Good Directions Ltd is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of architectural features including external clocks, roof turrets, clock towers, weathervanes, copper guttering and street furniture.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Coppa Gutta launches new copper roof ridges at Grand Designs Live

Copper roof ridges and copper guttering

Coppa Gutta is the only manufacturer in the UK supplying copper rainwater systems and we have specialised in copper guttering since 1992. Now to complement the range of guttering, we launched a new copper ridge flashing product at Grand Designs Live in October.

For a low cost, natural way to reduce repetitive and often dangerous roof cleaning, installing copper ridge flashing will help to diminish the growth of moss, algae and lichen build up on the roof.

Not only can this build up create a dull and dirty looking roof, which can reduce the potential value of the property, it can also cause many structural problems. Even the thinnest layer of moss will act like a sponge, absorbing water and therefore increasing the weight and stress on the roof, shortening its productive life span. Frost can also become a problem pushing tiles up and cracking them.

Moss build up on roofs has become more prevalent today since the Clean Air act, which reduced the output of sulphur into the atmosphere via fossil fuels. Moss would have previously been killed off by the sulphur in the atmosphere and now requires direct action to prevent its spread.
Copper roof ridge in standard or bespoke designs

Once installed our copper ridge flashing will react with the air and rain causing the copper to oxidise, producing a fungicide called copper sulphate, a highly effective moss killer which will last for many years.

Available in 2.4m lengths this inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution will help extend the life of your roof. Various widths and styles can be manufactured to order at our factory in Botley, Hampshire where we manufacture our range of copper guttering. For more details please contact us on visit our dedicated website: or call us on 01489 797774

Friday, 17 August 2012

Copper guttering article featured in Self Build Homes magazine Sept 2012

Three page article on copper guttering in Selfbuild Magazine September 2012

To read the full article click here and type in page 56 at the top. Http://

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Copper guttering featured in 'Period Ideas' magazine this month.

This month in 'Period Ideas' there was an article giving pointers on how to get your guttering and downpipes ready for the coming months and the onset of winter.

Together with a useful action plan to keep your gutters in the best working order was a photograph of our stylish copper guttering on a timber frame home.

Of course if copper is the material chosen for the guttering then it will last more than 100 years with very little maintenance required what so ever.
Copper requires no decoration, cleaning and virtually no maintenance other than the removal of debris that may fall into the guttering.
The reason being that copper is a natural product and acts as an algaecide and fungicide, keeping growths such as moss and lichen to a minimum, therefore keeping gutters clear and also excellent for rain water harvesting.   
For more information visit or call us on 01489 797774.

(Coppa Gutta is a trade mark of Good Directions Ltd, the only UK manufacturer of copper guttering, supplying copper rainwater systems for over 20 years.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Good Directions Ltd supports protest against wind farms across Wales

Last week Good Directions Ltd (incorporating Coppa Gutta) was asked to manufacture six copper boxes to be used to hold square patches of turf. Being an unusual request we asked what the significance of the turf was and why they wanted copper trays. We were told that copper was chosen as it is an environmentally friendly material, totally natural, extremely long-lasting and will help keep the turf alive and healthy as long as possible. The reason for this being that there is a proposed march to Cardiff where children are going to be presenting six members of the Welsh Assembly with turf taken from the Mid Wales uplands, asking the councillors to become trustee's of the turf and protect it from the plans to build massive wind farms across Wales.
Hearing of these plans we happily offered to donate the copper trays and to add our voice to the protest. More than 1,000 people are expected to descend on Cardiff Bay on the 24th May to protest against the plans to blight the Montgomeryshire landscape with 47 metre high steel pylons and a 20-acre electricity substation.

Meeting them at the rally are four walkers who set out on Thursday morning to walk over 100 miles to Cardif gathering support for the cause along the way. They were joined by a crowd of well wishers keen to see them off all holding protest banners aloft and cheering as cars and trucks driving past beeped in support.

Walking 20 to 25 miles a day for five days they will arrive in Cardiff on May 24th where they will be greeted by the thousands of protesters travelling down by coach.

Updates on the walk can be seen at posted by fellow walker and reporter Richard Jones. To give your support and sign their petition please visit the website
This really is an issue that effects everyone, not just the residents of Wales and Good Directions Ltd are glad to help and support this worthy cause.

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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Good Directions shares welding tips with Italian partner on work experience.

At Good Directions Ltd we have a long standing close relationship with an Architectural Features manufacturer in Italy and we recently had the pleasure of one of their members of staff coming over for two weeks to gain work experience with us and improve his English language skills at the same time.
A talented fabricator whom has worked for ItalG for the last four years, Diego was keen to learn English techniques from our own experienced in-house team of fabricators and engineers.

At Good Directions we offer a range of copper rainwater systems with three standard styles of gutter in two sizes. These often need to have special angle corners made to suit a customers exact requirements or even made to suit curved or completely round buildings.

Our in-house capabilities also means we have the expertise to manufacture bespoke items such as customer designed copper hopper heads.

Keen and enthusiastic Diego was a delight to have working along side us and soon picked up several tricks of the trade to take back to Italy with him, improving their quality and speeding up production time.

In the evenings staff took Diego to see the local sights, including the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and on his last day presented him with an England football shirt as a momento of his time with us. Now it just remains for us to draw straws to see who gets to make the reciprical trip back to Italy. 

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