Friday, 19 October 2012

Coppa Gutta launches new copper roof ridges at Grand Designs Live

Copper roof ridges and copper guttering

Coppa Gutta is the only manufacturer in the UK supplying copper rainwater systems and we have specialised in copper guttering since 1992. Now to complement the range of guttering, we launched a new copper ridge flashing product at Grand Designs Live in October.

For a low cost, natural way to reduce repetitive and often dangerous roof cleaning, installing copper ridge flashing will help to diminish the growth of moss, algae and lichen build up on the roof.

Not only can this build up create a dull and dirty looking roof, which can reduce the potential value of the property, it can also cause many structural problems. Even the thinnest layer of moss will act like a sponge, absorbing water and therefore increasing the weight and stress on the roof, shortening its productive life span. Frost can also become a problem pushing tiles up and cracking them.

Moss build up on roofs has become more prevalent today since the Clean Air act, which reduced the output of sulphur into the atmosphere via fossil fuels. Moss would have previously been killed off by the sulphur in the atmosphere and now requires direct action to prevent its spread.
Copper roof ridge in standard or bespoke designs

Once installed our copper ridge flashing will react with the air and rain causing the copper to oxidise, producing a fungicide called copper sulphate, a highly effective moss killer which will last for many years.

Available in 2.4m lengths this inexpensive, environmentally friendly solution will help extend the life of your roof. Various widths and styles can be manufactured to order at our factory in Botley, Hampshire where we manufacture our range of copper guttering. For more details please contact us on visit our dedicated website: or call us on 01489 797774